Ancora, a new way to understand the food business

Ancora Foods, based in Madrid, launches with the aim of providing integrated intermediation solutions for food products within the Spanish and international markets as well as a range of consultancy services.

The firm is the brainchild of four partners with proven track records in every segment of the food industry, the market, its environment, trends and competitive advantages. In fact, Ancora’s founding partner, Javier Vargas, successfully held the post of sales director at the frozen dough company, Berlys, for over 10 years. For Vargas, “Ancora is the only business in the food sector that brings all channels – hypermarkets, specialised stores, organised chains or any other food service players – a broad selection of differentiated products from the wide network of manufacturers and distributors that work with us.” To achieve this, the firm has developed a highly effective sales organisation across Spain and Portugal. “Ancora aims to be the bridge between manufacturers’ needs and the market, to improve their strategic position and branding, and to generate value,” Vargas adds.         

To begin trading, Ancora has received financial backing from a number of different manufacturers who believed in and supported the project; today that project is a reality. “The ‘Ancora model’ can provide integrated sales and logistics services to manufacturers of outstanding products and with idle industrial capacity through a distribution and capillary network across the whole Iberian peninsula,” explains the firm’s Managing Director.

High-turnover and tailored products

Ancora offers all food industry channels products with a high turnover rate and added value, outstanding items with unique characteristics, both innovative newcomers and traditional success stories in their local markets. What’s more, all three temperature groups are covered.

Producto heladoThe experts at Ancora carry out an in-depth study of their client’s needs so as to offer a personalised selection of products, perfectly designed to fit their business, consumer profile, area of influence, competitors… And if the Ancora catalogue does not meet the client’s requirements, the firm will work together with its manufacturers to develop products 100% tailored to those needs. Ancora has launched with a selection of premium dairy products, ice creams and yoghurts made with fresh milk. A wide range of references will soon be added. Furthermore, Ancora also offers its clients consultancy services covering key aspects of their business activity.      

Sales force and distribution

Without a doubt, the cornerstone of Ancora’s activity is its team of sales specialists. Professionals with extensive experience in all segments of the food industry and proven track records in identifying business opportunities for third parties, they are experts in the market, its environment, trends and competitive advantages. A sales force that’s key to the company’s growth.

Distribucion logistica

Ancora currently operates a mixed distribution model, combining its own network with logistics operators that provide extensive coverage across Spain and Portugal. The firm also plans to broaden its activity to international markets in the future.

Specific information about Ancora for manufacturers, channels, clients and sales professionals, as well as details of the firm’s full range of services, including business consultancy, can be found at the website


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Javier Vargas

Ancora Foods Founding Partner


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